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The IPerG project has developed a number of software components to support the development and staging of pervasive games. At the end of the project, these components have been packaged into a form of software development kits for pervasive games, called solution packages. These packages are mainly targeted at software developers, and also contain documentation describing how the components can be used in unison to produce a pervasive game, along with code samples and tutorial guides.

IPerG has produced three such solution packages, each focusing on a different type of pervasive games (from a technical standpoint):

Each of the package components has been used in the realisation of one or more of the IPerG games, and has proven their usefulness as a supporting technology for pervasive games.

All solution packages can be freely downloaded from the IPerG site, more information can be found on the individual solution package pages accessible via the links to the left.

Instructions onhow to install each package can be found in:

pdfIPerG Solution Packages
This document describes the final releases of the solution packages produced at the end of the project. For each package there is a description of which types of games it supports, which software components it contains, how it can be obtained and installed as well as a brief dissemination plan. (PDF)

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