Prosopopeia Bardo 2 "Momentum"


Prosopopeia Bardo 2 "Momentum", was a pervasive long-time larp staged in Sweden during October and November 2006. Thirty partipants took on characters as dead revolutionaries re-entering our world, this time to save their own from oblivion. The larp used a host of technology installations, mobile equipment, and an advanced system for game mastering to enable the game to be ongoing around the clock for 34 days.




Video Report



pdfMomentum Evaluation Report
The report presents a brief description of the game and then discusses gameplay, game mastering, the technology involved and ethical questions raised by the game. In focus are design issues involving long duration larping, social play modes and game mastering (PDF, May 2007)

pdfMomentum Game Design
The document gives an overview of the Momentum game and the Momentum production staged in October 2006. Momentum is a technology-supported Live Role Playing Game with maximum pervasivity and a strong alternate reality aestethics. The game uses technology primarily to support game mastering as well as semi-automatic game play. (PDF, July 2007)

pdfMomentum Technology Description
This software deliverable includes the core system for the eLARP showcase second phase game Momentum. The system is built on top of the PIMP platform which has been delivered as a project internal deliverable in D7.5. A public version of PIMP will be provided in the D7.6 but this deliverable includes a brief explanation of PIMP to give a better understanding of the game system (PDF, Feb 2007)


Contact information

Overall project management, technology and software
Karl-Petter Åkesson
SICS - Swedish Institute of Computer Science AB

Design and implementation
Staffan Jonsson
The Interactive Institue

Research issues around the game
Markus Montola
University of Tampere

Christopher Sandberg
Company P


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