Welcome to the official IPerG (Integrated Project on Pervasive Gaming) web site.

IPerG was a EU funded project (FP6 - 004457) which started on 1 September 2004 and came to an end on 29 February 2008.

The aim of IPerG has been the creation of entirely new game experiences, which are tightly interwoven with our everyday lives through the objects, devices and people that surround us and the places we inhabit. The approach has been through the exploration of several showcase games which come under the description of “pervasive games” - a radically new game form that extends gaming experiences out into the physical world.

To achieve a high quality of interactive experience for these games, new technologies and methods were explored for the creation of novel and compelling forms of content.

The web site documents the main findings of the project and its public documentation - publications, deliverables and dissemination materials.




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