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A pervasive game is a game that has one or more salient features that expand the contractual magic circle of play socially, spartially or temporally.

Spatially expanded games are played on the streets, across the globe or in the strangest corners of cyberspace; they range from locative mobile phone games such as Mogi to various forms of treasure hunts and geocaching.

Temporally expanded games are interlaced with players' everyday lives. The players of the mobile phone game Botfighters could be attacked at any time of the day, while the IPerG larp prototype Momentum sought to entirely merge the game with players' ordinary lives.

Socially expanded games involve outsiders and blur the boundary of playership. Sometimes the outsiders are positioned as spectators, sometimes their unaware participation roles are even more complex.

Games developed as part of the IPerG Research show various degrees of social, temporal and spatial expansions. The below shown graphic provides a list of all IPerG games and the level of expansion.


Spatial - Temporal - Social

  1. Day of the Figurines
  2. Epidemic Menace
  3. Wizard's Apprentice
  4. Prosopopeia Bardo 1 "Där vi föll"
  5. Kejsartemplet
  6. Insectopia
  7. Prosopopeia Bardo 2 "Momentum"
  8. Mythical: The Mobile Awakening
  9. Location Box, Crash
  10. Magic Lenx Box, The Alchemist
  11. Interference
  12. Rider Spoke
  13. Coup
  14. Hot Potato
  15. Augmented Diamond Hunt
  16. The Node Game
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